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Hello , we are Benny And Matan

A married couple who live and work together.

Professional fashion and lifestyle photographers, based in Tel-Aviv|Worldwide.

We specialize in editorial, commercial  and portrait photography.

Our paths crossed back in 2016,  when we then realized we share the same belief, 

that photography is an art of observation.

Our photographic experience, passion,  and beliefs are what connects us.

We decided to combine our worlds together into one.

one world, one common framework, one perspective, shared by two photographers.

The camera for us is a tool for freedom of expression.

Our love for photography comes along with our love for people and the stories they tell. 

We believe in connecting people, styles, elements, colors and of course, connecting perspectives.

In 2018, we completed a one year  photography course at Studio Gavra in Tel Aviv; Since then, we've been working

with amazing brands  and people  all over the world.

We love every moment and feel truly blessed.



One frame with four eyes


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